I come from a family of artists and have always wanted to find my path for artistic expression. From an early age, I was encouraged to draw and paint. I explored photography and was inspired by the strength of black and white images.

After taking a sculpture class, I found my niche. The ability to take flat sheets of metal and create larger than life objects excites me. Being able to use molten metal to immortalize things like flowers inspires me. Seeing the potential of everyday objects that most would see as trash is captivating and pushes me to create new sculptures.

I expand ideas and images that are often based in fantasy and otherworldly expressions. Such things as literature, television, and film, the Harry Potter series, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and the game Dungeons and Dragons, have given me a base to draw inspiration. I interpret images from these stories and put my mark on them. I take pleasure knowing that these stories and images can be shared with others who are familiar with them.